Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sierra de Cazorla Royal variety

The  Royal variety is native to Cazorla and its production has been increasing, making it one of the flagships of our brand. This variety is practically exclusive from the areas of Cazorla and Quesada, but its value is on the rise. It has the distinction of Denomination of Origin Sierra de Cazorla, unique in the world of this variety, which guarantees its authenticity and quality.

Royal oil from Sierra de Cazorla with PDO is very balanced and aromatic, mild in heat and bitterness but more intense than the Arbequino variety, although without reaching the extreme nuances of Picual oil. In general, it is a variety widely accepted by olive oil consumers, for its subtlety combined with the aromatic power it gives off and for its indisputable quality.

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General characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sierra de Cazorla Royal variety

It is extracted from the fruit of the Royal olive tree, cultivated mainly in the Sierra de Cazorla and surroundings, very resistant to drought. Its flowering is early, but it matures later than other varieties. Royal olives are characterized by their reddish appearance when ripe, with many visible lenticels, but the fact of their early harvest makes the oil extracted is of a yellowish green tone. These olives are large size, above the average of other varieties, with an ovoid shape and somewhat asymmetrical. Royal olive trees offer a high production, but their fruit is resistant and makes it difficult to remove it from the tree.

For these reasons, fundamentally, it is explained that this variety will go through an era in which it came to the brink of disappearance due to its difficult harvesting, being mostly replaced by the Picual variety, much easier to harvest and with higher yields. Fortunately, this trend was reversed thanks to the excellent quality of this oil and today it is once again occupying large areas of cultivation in the area. Royal olives are used exclusively to extract olive oil and it is not frequently consumed as table olives.

El Royal Oil from Sierra de Cazorla, in its Royal variety, it is very smooth in tasting. Its aromas evoke the flora present in the Sierra, almonds and fresh fruits. It is not almost bitter and its itching is also very subtle. The variety of its nuances depends on the time of harvest, because if it is early, it gives off notes of nuts and young fruits, but if the harvest is later, the sweetness is enhanced and the ripe fruity aromas prevail, such as fig or banana.

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What uses can I give to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sierra de Cazorla variety Royal?

Dressing salads.
Accompany bread, toast and breakfast.
Season vegetables, fish or seafood.
Add a special touch to creams and cold soups.
Season blue fish.
Emulsify sauces such as mayonnaise or aioli.
Prepare baked or pickled fish.
It can also be used in baking to add it to different types of dough and baking cakes,
as well as to accompany sweet or dairy-based dishes.

Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sierra de Cazorla variety Royal

The Sierra de Cazorla Royal oil, it is harvested at the ideal time for this variety; This early harvest does not allow an excessive amount of liquid to be stored in the fruit, a fact that would reduce the oleic acids present in the oil itself.
The objective of creating a green oil is that it preserves all the inherent properties of this olive variety and the benefits of its composition are not affected . The oleic acids present in the Sierra de Cazorla Royal oil are those that attribute multiple beneficial properties for the body and make it a very healthy product to consume daily.

Sierra Cazorla Royal oil contains a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids which help regulate cholesterol levels and delay neuronal deterioration. It is one of the varieties of oil produced in Jaén with the highest concentration of polyphenols; These act as natural antioxidants that protect cells against premature aging and prevent the body from the formation of cancer cells. It is also rich in Vitamin E, which also has antioxidant effects on cell membranes.

The consumption of the Sierra de Cazorla Royal Denomination of Origin oil is always recommended . We can conclude that it is a variety of oil worthy of its fame, for the balance of its nuances in the mouth, for its aroma and for its very high quality.

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