Guiradoli SIERRA CAZORLA – Picual | Box 4 ud x 5 L

100,00 (IVA incl. - Portes NO incluidos)

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL DOP PICUAL. Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures. It is a product endorsed and certified by the Regulatory Council Protected Designation of Origin “SIERRA DE CAZORLA”.

  • Brand: Guiradoli SIERRA CAZORLA
  • Variety: PICUAL
  • Origin: Sierra de Cazorla, Jaén – Spain (Protected Area D.O. Sierra de Cazorla)
  • Collection: November
  • Millin: Cold extraction, two ours máximum after the collection of the olives
  • Packaging: 5L tin
  • Logistics: Box of 4 units
  • Storage: Prevent from the heat and the light


Great fruity dominated by green smells of herb and fig tree, which presents a moderate bitter and spicy on the palate, as corresponds to its high content in natural antioxidants such as vitamin E.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Box of 4 units

Box of 4 units


Valor Energético / Energy Value 3700kj / 900Kcal

Grasas (100g) de las cuales / Total Fat (100g):

  • Saturadas / Saturated 12g
  • Monosaturadas / Monounsaturated 80g
  • Polinsaturadas / Polynsaturated 8g

Hidratos de Carbono / Total Carbohydrate 0g

  • de los cuales Azúcares / Sugar 0g

Fibra Alimentaria / Dietary Fiber 0g

Proteinas / Protein 0g

Sal / Salt 0g

Vitamina E / Vintamin E 30mg (250%VRN)*

Vitamina A / Vintamin A 300μg (37,5%VRN)*

(*) VRN, Valor de Referencia de nutrientes (Nutrient Reference Values)

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